Effect of Power and Politics in an Organization

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There are many aspects of an organization that can greatly affect their success and moral. Some of the areas that can play a key role in the organization are; power, politics, code of conduct, business intentions, objectivity, personal agendas, and organizational goals. Power and politics can have both a positive and negative affect on an organization. Businesses must make objective decisions and insure their intentions remain in line with the organization's goals. Organizations must not allow personal agendas to interfere with their business decisions and must make sound ethical decisions. Organizational politics can have a detrimental affect on employee's, moral, loyalty, and trust. Power and PoliticsPower can be motivators in both a…show more content…
Scandals grow larger and more intensive day-by-day for organizations. In part certain government laws have provided guidelines to follow as a check and balance for the unethical behavior amongst large organizations. Sarbanes-Oxley being one to keep company's honest in bookkeeping and allowing documentation to be proof that the organization is doing what is ethical. This will also be a source of insurance that individuals will not loose everything like those thousands of people did in the demise of Enron. Code of Conduct, Intentions, and ObjectivityIf the employees accept gifts, the company or organization wants to make sure the employees are in compliance with the policy or law. Which is also called "Code of Conduct" and this is to ensure that employee's decisions will not create a conflict of interest. The code strengthens standards and includes measures to protect employees from outside pressure, such a solicitation for personal affairs and the offering of gifts. Most companies have a strict code of business ethics and conduct. The code discourages employees from accepting gifts that could be seen as an attempt to manipulate business decisions. Some companies forbid their employees to accept any gifts of any value. If gifts are received or if employees are undecided about whether they can accept the gift, the incident must be reported to the manager or supervisor. "All managers should establish a written policy limiting the acceptance of gifts and entertainment

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