Effect of Technological Advancement on Population

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There is presently much controversy with regard to technological advancement and the effect it has on the population, as while some believe it to be a blessing others believe that it is actually a curse. Google is one of the most common sites in the contemporary society and it provides individuals with the chance to learn everything that there is to know concerning a particular matter. Knowledge is at a click of a button and this has influenced many to believe that the social order is gradually becoming less and less intelligent as individuals no longer have to accumulate large amounts of information. The fact that individuals in recent years have lived through Google's progress influenced them to consider whether or not it has a positive impact on the world. The fact that individuals today have universal access to information means that the world is no longer going to be ruled by an elite group. While a great deal of intelligent individuals were unable to be remarked in the past because they lived in underprivileged conditions, the fact that they can presently access Google and either express themselves or learn more makes it possible for these people to experience rapid progress without experiencing significant problems. One is likely to consider that his or her thinking is negatively affected by Google because the website makes him or her become "a skimming, browsing reader, rather than a deep and engaged reader" (Does Google Make Us Smarter? The World Says
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