Effect of Technology on Students with the Film, Digital Nation

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It talked about the virtual world, pros and cons of technology for different groups like gamers, students, families, teachers, administrators, children, military and businesses further the experience of common people. In the movie, Pro Sherry Turkle said, “Technology challenges us to assert our human values. Technology is not good or bad, it powerful and is complicated which means first we have to figure out what they are”. The technology has been taking over today’s world; wherever you go you will find it. Over the past years, the social media has imparted worldwide; from Facebook to Instagram. There is always something new, more advanced and innovative. Overall, the technology has now has changed the way humans interact with each other. In the film technology is affecting students by hooking them to do their assignments, saving time and teaching communication skills.
As shown in the film middle school of New York had the student who lacked interest in studying until new principal allowed them to use computer as tool for education. Therefore, the students were fascinated to learn which boost their percentage performance much higher than previous one. Also the student’s changes of behavior like, less fights, attendance and arguments. Also in my high school in classes related to Literacy, Economics, Science for projects students were provide laptops to research. Indeed, for my English Literature…
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