Effect of Unethical Behavior

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While these scandals have continued to appear blatantly, the origin or main cause of the unethical practices in accounting are not only complex but also interlocking. As a result of the seemingly evident unethical practice in accounting, organizational ethics and its main contributing factors has become a topic of increased concern. On the contrary, there is a constant effect and influence that both personal and professional ethics wield upon people, organizations, and the society. The increased concerns regarding unethical behavior by accounting and auditing professionals has been fueled by the effect of such practices in the overall corporate wellbeing (Idris, 2011). Since there are different types of unethical practices during financial reporting, there are also multiple reasons or situations that contribute to such behaviors in accounting. Some of the most common types of unethical behaviors by auditing and accounting professionals include monetary satisfaction, sexual harassment, poor records keeping of financial reports, sales of employment to employees, and lack of enough qualified accounting professionals. Notably, the variance in the types of unethical behavior in accounting originates from the different situations that lead to such behaviors. Generally, the…
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