Effect of Violent Video Games on Teenagers

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Introduction Violent video games are special games, which negatively influences to the attitude and behavior. These video games are popular between children and teenagers. Since 1980-s years violent games are in political discussion. Because when teenagers usually play violent video games, they are becoming aggressive and then they face with psychological problems. For this, some people claim that violent games are harmful for society and they affect to behavior and health. It was interested in investigate about teenagers from 13 year old to 18 year about their playing violent games in the USA. Body Paragraph 1 After playing violent games some teenagers become to the aggressive way. Argument #1 According to the scientist research, when…show more content…
According to the Bajovic’s dissertation, in her study is not written that violent video games leave children ‘morally immature’. She writes that emphasis should be placed more in helping teenagers and in understanding the meaning of violent games. She thinks that after playing violent games teenagers try to control them. Paragraph #4 In USA was happened one unhappy situation. One teenager whom every time played violent video games, he killed his classmates with weapon. But if to compare this situation with Russia, the Department of GUSDOM wants to predict it. But the government of USA was not going to predict. Argument #1 In Russia deputies of GUSDOM want to protect children from violent games. Because in one Russian schools happened a execution. It is a reason to protect. Firing of the school student - result "adverse effect of shooters. Argument #2 Rock Star of Vancouver even created a game called "Bully" and an updated "Scholarship Edition" in 2006. The game takes place in a high school; a 15-year-old boy navigates high school life alone. Many teachers and parents came out against the game, saying it glorified violence. They tried to control their teenagers. Research has shown that 15 percent of students are bullied that the problem is bad in the middle of the school population. Rock star of Vancouver has done a video game which is called “Scholarship Edition” in 2006.
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