Effect of a Negative Environment on Families

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Effect of a negative environment on families Living in a negative environment has bad effects on family and societal values. The neighborhood defines the actions of the family in their individual lives and role they play in the society. Parents and children have several responsibilities to fulfill within the family unit. The parents have to protect the family interest, and the children have to develop into functional members of the society. The neighborhood has influence on the society's members. - It is very easy to see how observational learning is important in early childhood education we learn to immitate adults and therefore become somewhat acculturated as well. However, observational learning cannot replace cognitive thinking about certain skills and actions (surgery, translating, piloting a complex machine, etc.). Instead, it becomes somewhat like behavior modification in that it becomes habitual almost reflexive and inate to the learner. Humans, since prehistory, have tended to coalesce into groups. They feel safer in groups, have more economic and military strength in groups, and find that groups and group behaviors shape their psychological make up. Groups can be families, neighborhoods, regions, or other artificial delineations. Groups as neighborhoods tend to come together based on social or economic necessity. The effects of bad neighborhood on the family are increased household violence, decline in educational attainment, decrease family unity and low
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