Effect of the Atlantic Slave Trade on Western African States

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Answer Questions What was the effect of the Atlantic slave trade on western African states, the slaves themselves and the African Diaspora living in the New World? The Atlantic slave trade had a negative impact on a number of different stakeholders. In the case of the African states, it divided tribes and communities against one another. This is because those who were involved with the kidnapping and selling of people into slavery realized very lucrative benefits (financially speaking). For many countries, this created an environment where tremendous amounts of corruption existed. (Dunn, 2005) (Upshur, 2012) At the same time, this allowed the European powers to exploit and rob Africa of its talent and resources. This meant that many nations were much weaker and they did not have the tools to develop. Over the course of time, this had a negative effect on these countries by creating a divisive atmosphere and stifling economic growth. It is at this point when they fell behind the rest of world as far as economic development and innovation is concerned. In many ways, one could argue that the challenges impacting African countries are directly linked the Atlantic slave trade and the lasting legacy it left on the continent. (Dunn, 2005) (Upshur, 2012) In the case of slaves, these practices destroyed communities, families and entire ways of life. This is because anyone who was sold into slavery was divided from their loved ones (with most never seeing them again). To make
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