Effective Accounting Practices on Small Business

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You see the world of business industry, how it operates, the way it goes, and then you would consider walking into that world. Then you took that first step inside the industry and success is what you’d see. So you would wonder how everything turned to be a big thing. Different fields show achievement, may it be a clothing line, Fast Food Chains, even online shopping is on the hit. Then you realize, they are succeeding for a reason. What reason could that be? Hardworking that goes along in following right practices, right Accounting Practices. Having said its success, the business industry is still growing and growing. As it was know, proprietors or entrepreneurs are the people behind business, they are the so called operators. It is…show more content…
The cash flow also needs a good attention. Just like how others would say that cash maybe the lifeblood of the business but fuel that keeps the engine running a good cash flow management. Then from time to time, inventory is done so not to compromise the raw materials and the products of the business. There are different concrete designs to describe a research. It could be in the use of theory, cause and effect, problem and solution, comparing could also be considered. Ant the researchers working on the study of “Effective Accounting Practices on small business as Observed by Selected Entrepreneurs in Lipa City, Batangas” , they used descriptive quantitative to illustrate the information. It has been chosen because it could demonstrate a clear data on the dilemma and comprehensible clarification. Some business owners of different small businesses here in Lipa City were chosen to ask for the researches to collect information regarding the Accounting practices in their business. The business owners were selected because they are believed to give enough knowledge and experience in the business. There are five respondents needed to support not just one information. They have strong basis on the answers they are to contribute to since this is their work of profession. There are exactly three ways on how the researches collected the information. As stated on the
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