Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Essay

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management in Nursing Shortage and Nurse turn-over

Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn Over: Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management.
Nursing shortage and nurse’s turnover becomes the worsening problem in the health care industry in United States. Studies show that, by 2020, it may get more worsened approximately 30%, if no measures are taken to resolve the problem. In this essay the author is discussing the issues about the nurse turnover and nursing shortage. And also narrates about how the leaders and nurse managers resolve this issue effectively and different applicable theories of leadership and management.
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The very essence of this theory is the leaders should change their decisions and responses according to the situation. This means that one common approach is not ideal for all situations. Now a day the management follows Current leadership theories. Those are interactional theory and transformational theory. Interactional theory relay upon the decision making ability of the leader and the situation of the case. The People in itself are complex in nature and their motives are changing from time to time. The leadership exchange or delegation of authority and responsibility involves a lot of variables such as personality, perceptions, and the skills and abilities of leader and the employee, as well as the probable changes in a specific situation. In Transformational leadership, it raises each person to a greater level of morality and motivation. The basic of this theory is Vision and environment. What the Transformational leaders do is to forecast the path of the upcoming events and guide others to attain this with a greater standard of performance.
For the nursing leadership the other important models are quantum and dynamic leader –leader follower relationships. The quantum leadership narrates the leadership skills that should be developed from bottom to top. This leadership will enable nurses at all levels to take good control of their patients which results to give good care to their patients. Nurses
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