Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

Amber Norris

Grand Canyon University:


April 28, 2013

Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

Nurses are crucial in providing quality care in the health care industry. It is imperative to maintain the proper staffing ratio to ensure that nurses can maintain high quality care for their patients. Studies have shown that the increasing workload of nurses can be linked to increased patient deaths, medical errors, hospital-acquired infections, longer hospital stays, and many other complications. (National Nurses United n.d. ) Leaders and managers play a vital role in developing
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“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”

—Kenneth Blanchard

A leader can help the staffing ratio issue by creating a vision. With this vision, they are able to create a plan that incorporates new ideas to find solutions. Leaders are risk takers and like to challenge others to formulate ways of doing things better. Leaders like to build relationships and promote those around them and help them develop so they as well as the company can grow. (Coonan 2007) Since leaders are not always in manager roles, they often are the ones who are working at the bedside and can help staffing ratios because they can base them on the individual needs while taking into account the training and experience of the nurse taking care of those patients. They are trying to look out for the best solution for everyone involved. Leaders act as guides to those around them rather than try and control others. Leaders are the ones who stand up for others. These kinds of leaders are able to inspire and motivate people to achieve solutions to problems.

"Management manages by making decisions and by seeing that those decisions are implemented." - Harold S. Geneen

A manager’s approach to the staffing ratio problem is by using numbers and facts. They use this information to balance and allocate budgets. However, they may not take into account how it may affect others. A manager is usually the one who will follow policies
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