Essay Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management
The current and growing shortage of nurses is posing a real threat to the ability of hospitals, long-term care facilities, and others to provide timely access to quality care. Nurse staffing shortages and nurse turn-over contributes to the growing reduction in the number of staffed patient beds available for services, increasing costs, and rising concerns about the quality of care. Health care organizations highly depend on nurse managers and leaders to reverse this trend. This paper discusses the reasons for nursing shortage and turn-over, different approaches to solve this issue, and my personal philosophy about this issue.
Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over
Nursing shortage is
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The financial cost of losing a single nurse has been calculated as equal to double the annual salary of a single nurse. Various studies reveal that each hospital in America is losing almost $300, 000 per year because of nurse turn-over. Nurse turn-over can negatively impact the health care system in many ways such as poor quality of patient care, increased medication error, hospital acquired infection, prolonged patient stay at hospital, and increased staffing cost. Many factors contribute to nurse turn-over such as workload, absence of career opportunities, poor work recognition, and lack of communication with management about issues (Hunt, 2009).
Strategies for Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over
Nursing shortage and nursing turn-over cannot be addressed through a single intervention because there are multiple reasons for the shortage and turn-over. Nurse managers and leaders play a major role in solving this problem by different approaches. Many different strategies are available to address these issues and they are described as follows.
Create a Healthy Workplace
The main role of nurse manager is to create a healthy, pleasant, and productive work environment for the staff. A nurse manager should have a variety of skills to deal with diverse group of people to maintain a good work environment. Nurse manager can offer flexible work schedules to the staff because young workers prefer long shift
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