Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management

GCU: NRS-451V Nursing Leadership and Management

Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Communication skills sometimes take a backseat to matters of finance and business they are in fact essential to producing desired business results—from achieving physician buy-in for technologies, to convincing staff to embrace change, to building community support for hospital initiatives. Today, more healthcare organizations are recognizing the importance of effective communication and are using innovative methods for improvement—such as "lock-ins," where leaders, managers, and staff employees, work together to plan budgets, and "jamming" or "workouts," which are
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Without good communication between the manager and leaders and staff nurses there wouldn’t be good outcomes in the end. The importance of leadership emerges from its role of creating and shaping organizational culture and setting a progressive direction for the organization. Without this there is no role for management, no cause for it to exist. Leadership creates a context for the management to exist (Leadership vs. Managment).
The approach that best fits me is communicating my concerns and getting what needs to be addressed accomplished. My top priority is the patient and being able to give the best possible care to every one of my patients. Creating a relationship with the patient right from the get go can give them a sense of trust and by doing that they are able to open up to you and communicate their needs and wants. Not only am I wanting to have the patient feel as though I am providing them with the best care I also am wanting to continue to improve my unit’s patient satisfactions scores. It doesn’t only make our floor look good when we have high scores, but it also gives me a sense of accomplishment as well. I can come to work and look at the scores and know that I did everything possible to help make those scores be where they are at.
As a nurse leader/manager I definitely think that you can influence change. You have
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