Effective Boards ( 15 Minutes )

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Effective Boards (15 Minutes): Above all else, the board is accountable to the membership for the future of the organization. A successful board is made up of a diverse members who possess these characteristics. Let’s look at a these different qualities. It is important to note, these are not all of the qualities and every successful board member does not have to possess all of these qualities. These qualities are: 1. Good listener 2. Contributor 3. Does mot dominate 4. Enthusiastic 5. Discourages criticism 6. Acts fairly 7. Gives recognition 8. Team player 9. Honest 10. Trustworthy 11. Focuses on problems/tasks, not personalities 12. Does not complain 13. Good attitude Activity: Tips for Boards: Instruct participants to find a partner…show more content…
• Be familiar with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Policies and Bylaws. • Strive to be objective. Feedback (8 Minutes): Successful boards are aware that not everything goes well all of the time. Feedback is necessary for any board member or Advisory Board to grow. Learning how to individually give and receive feedback will allow the board to create growth in its members too. Ask participants the following questions and allow them to share their answers. What is challenging for you when giving feedback? What is challenging for you when receiving feedback? Is there a certain style you like to use when giving or receiving feedback? Facilitators will write the three components of feedback on the flip chart. There are three main components of feedback: Self, Communication and Content. • Self: o What do I want to see differently? o Is change possible? o Will the feedback help? o How can I most effectively deliver the feedback? o What new behavior would I like to see? • Communication: o Focus the feedback on the value it has for the recipient. o Communicate acceptance. o Watch your nonverbal body language when giving feedback. o Avoid loaded terms. o Be cautious of being too critical. o Check your perception. o Offer an opportunity for the other person to react and respond. • Content: o Accuracy o Relevant data
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