Effective Business Processes Requires Strong Leadership

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Introduction Conducting business processes requires strong leadership. The ability to provide optimal services and products requires exploration into the business process. One aspect of this endeavors involves leadership as it is central to the overall functioning of the business. Leadership does not operate in isolation. It entails interactions with subordinates who are active in establishing the company goals. For this reason, co-creation leadership needs to be explored in terms of business communication interactions, personal communication, personal interactions, and personal goals. Co-Creation Leadership Business Communication Communication is inspired by the business culture which reflects leadership. According to Ind, Iglesias and Schultz (2013), there is a relationship that exists in the building of the brand that centers on the ability to communicate with joint investment in a project. Leaders must possesses the skills to understand, building and elevate others by communicating a joint appreciation for expertise, innovation and creativity. Yong, Kunio, and Michitaka. (2013), recognized the importance of having leaders that are able to promote advancement by conveying the value of co-creation. By communicating with subordinates that their production is vital for success, they are motivated to establish lasting relationships with peers and leadership. Vermeulen (2014) illustrated the power of co-creation leadership with Johnson & Johnson as they made major
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