Effective Case Manager

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This essay will discuss the skills and knowledge required to be an effective case manager; Relevant literature and statistics will be used to confirm the importance of these areas. This essay will also evaluate personal level of skills and knowledge in these areas and how they can be improved. this essay will also discuss the theoretical approach to improve skills and knowledge. Future case management positions will also be discussed along with the relevant skills to fulfil the role effectively.
Although there are many varying definitions of what case management is; the roles and characteristics of case management are the same. The role of a case manager can be said to “ to undertake assessment, monitoring, planning, advocacy and linking of
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Just as important as these key skills is knowledge of key philosophies and theoretical approaches; such as the strengths model and the brokerage model.
In regards to interpersonal and communication skills, this is a vital part in case management as the role revolves around communicating and networking with both clients and professionals from many different specialities. I believe I possess the skills needed to communicate effectively in the role due to knowledge and practice of these skills during the interpersonal skills course. During this course, I demonstrated and received high grades for communication skills such as listening, correct body language, paraphrasing and nonverbal gestures. When considering the need for conflict resolutions skills within a case management role it is clear that conflict is an inevitable aspect of the role.Conflict can occur between colleagues with different interpretations of fact or data or simple differences in values and beliefs. This is also the case with clients a large majority of the time a case workers clients are in difficult situations which can bring tension and frustrations, in these environments it is very easy for conflict to
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This is documented through standardised tools take into account many variables of each client. In this case there is certain cultural and ….. knowledge that is required to be able to accurately fulfil this role. At this point in time I do not believe I am competent in these skills due to a lack of knowledge and expertise in these areas. The way in which I may develop these skills is through further study both in my degree and life experiences.In regards to problem solving skills in a case management position, case managers not only assist clients in solving their problems but also teach clients important problem solving skills. At this point in time i do not believe i have enough knowledge and or experience in problem solving to be able to assist and teach clients to resolve their problems. I hope to gain and improve these skills through experiential learning processes in which i actively experience instances where these skills are needed. The brokerage model focuses on ensuring services are accessible to clients. Within this role case managers aim to find a package of services for a client. This model supports the idea of client self determination as it leaves a majority of the responsibility with the client. I do not believe i posses enough knowledge and experience with this model to use it effectively in a case management role. This is simply
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