Effective Change Leaders Have Dreams

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No organization can survive over an extended period of time without the proper focus on people as its most important resource.” – Charlie Eitel. Effective change leaders have dreams. They are aware of their current state, and where they want to go (Banutu, and Shandra, 2007). Simmons Company, founded in the early 1900s, was a trade-mark leader in bed mattresses. With booming sales, the company faced a fundamental issue of whether or not it should go ahead with the new CEO - Charlie Eitel proposal. His suggestion for changing the current program which could cost $7.2 million dollars, especially at the time when the company was having financial problems in the heat of the economic crisis of 9/11. Eitel’s strategy was to transform the…show more content…
He believes the only way to succeed is to develop and empower your employees (Casciaro, and Edmondson, 2007).
“Should Simmons implement the GGOL? Why or why not? Give at least two reasons based on the case study for your position.” Simmons should initiate “the GGOL” project, because its purpose is based on teams’ development. It promotes an engaging system for rewarding employees, and productivity. Plus, the rollout would repair the incongruous amongst the company’s established culture and its future strategy. For instance, many of the plants leaders were perceived as dictators, with authoritarian leadership. This creates a toxic environment for employees. Furthermore, instead of collaborating to achieve a shared-goal, the plants compete with each other. These behaviors profoundly affected productivities, which impose a negative impact on employees’ morals (Casciaro, and Edmondson, 2007). “Great leaders are willing to challenge the status quo while trusting and empowering their people. Not only do leaders use obstacles to create a positive future, they are willing to set an example of sacrifice for the good of the next generation” - Banutu, and Shandra, 2007.
“How did the Charlotte 's Pride video” influence your position on
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