Effective Classroom Management Is The Number One Factor

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Classroom management is the number one factor in student learning throughout the school system. How well a teacher organizes the space, time, and materials used for student learning, is the best determinant for how well a student will do in a given classroom (Wong & Wong, 2009). However, effective classroom management will include the discipline factor as well and how well they can handle bad behavior even though the goal is to create a positive learning environment Sternberg & Williams 2002 (as cited in Mesa Public Schools 2012). Effective classroom management has many things going on, some never seen by the students, some directly affecting the students, and some decided by the students. One of the biggest characteristics of an effective classroom is a positive work environment. Students work well together, and the teacher allows for interactions and has positive expectations for the students. Going along with a positive work environment is work-oriented climate, however, it is in a relaxing manner, meaning that teachers do not have to be right on top of students to get their work done. Students know that they 're expected to do what is asked. When positive expectations and the right environment is created, students will know that what they are doing is important and what they need to get done to be successful. . Teacher setting high, goal-oriented expectations early and often for the students. When students know that they have high expectations, they know
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