Effective Communication : An Essential Component Of Organization 's Success

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Strong leadership is an essential component of organization’s success. They have the vision, the knowledge and they move the organization forward. Effective communication is one of the main skills required to do the leader’s work. The Ken Blanchard Companies conducted a series of studies from 2003 to 2006 in which 43% of respondents named communication skills as the most critical skill set. In the same study 41% of respondents stated that inappropriate use of communication is the most common mistake done by leaders (Critical leadership, 2006). No doubt the way leaders communicate with employees, team members, coworkers, investors, customers, managers is essential in achieving company goals.
Successful leaders have to be able to adapt their communication style depending on who they interact with. Talking to employees might require directive style, giving orders for example, but when speaking to a customer a friendlier, kinder communication style might be more appropriate.(Effective communication, n/a). Leaders have to know who they are communicating with and what the goals of such interaction are. Also successful leaders should be able to switch between styles fast. Leaders have to be good listeners. When in a conversation with someone, they have to pay attention not only to verbal, but to non-verbal communication too. Leaders have to show they are listening and paying attention to the other person by nodding and smiling. Leaders don’t interrupt and ignore outside
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