Effective Communication, An Essential Foundation Of Effective Healthcare

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“Communication is a multidimensional and complex process in which, ideas, thoughts, values, knowledge or feelings are shared and interpreted” (Koutoukidis G, 2013). As a nurse, being able to communicate with our clients is imperative to their wellbeing and to the building of our therapeutic relationship. Effective communication is an essential part of nursing and doing it well can be an art, however it can be learned over time and usually gained from education and experience. Linguistically diverse and elderly patients in an acute setting need assistance in communicating and employing an interpreter to help is usually advantageous. Communication can be arduous and can have obstacles which we may encounter.

Effective communication with clients is an essential foundation of effective healthcare (Arnold E, 2016). It demonstrates active listening and assists with information giving. As a nurse, communication skills are integral to ensure the proper care is delivered. Many skills in consultation with the client need to be client focused. Effective communication is an art, however the need for education in communication has been recognised worldwide. (Wikstrom BM, 2011) We must assess our audience in order to decide the best method of communication to ascertain all messages are sent and interpreted correctly. In Mrs. Romano’s case being a non-English speaking client we must find the necessary steps in communicating effectively with her.

Communication has been identified to be

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