Effective Communication And Good Leadership Skills

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Every group, institution or company needs to communicate internally as well as externally to deliver and manages the things in best possible way (Linjuan Rita Men, 2015). Managers or leaders for such task are responsible for successful communication and understanding of messages with each and every attendee involved. A person having good leadership skills but lack in skills of communication will never be preferred in any industry for conduction and delivering meetings and speeches or any other sort of public communication. Effective communication skills are necessary not only in business meetings but also in several other private and public relations including hospitals, educational institutions and industry. Work to be completed by groups needs to discuss plan, its strategy and future direction and cooperative coordination which can only be achieved by integrating great leadership skills with effective communicating styles (Vries, Bakker-Pieper & Oostenveld, 2010). A combination of these can only lead any group towards success. It can help a team to achieve their goal once they are clear to them. Unclear communication and poor management may demotivate members, which may lower their interest and passion for the work. This article will focus on the importance of communication in field of business and health care and some measure to be taken in these areas to achieve targeted aim. A leader must be able to have affective communication skills. When CEOs and top level managers
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