Effective Communication And Its Impact On The World

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In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficent. Leadership is the art of directing individuals and workers towards a proverbial point C in the distance. The success of reaching the destination is highly contingent upon the ability of leadership to communicate. As Muslims, we need to look no further than the Quran. We are shown examples of effective communication by Prophets and shown conviction of those who follow the divine message. However, a great example of such communication hinges on the success demonstrated by an insect as tiny as 1 millimeter in size; the ant. The ant, which by no coincidence is the 27th Surah in the Quran, is the epitome of effective communication and organization. Ant colonies consist of 3…show more content…
The ability of the leadership to clearly communicate these objectives can mean the difference between a successful organization and one that remains stagnant. However this can only be conveyed effectively if the given mission and vision are clear. An ambiguous mission and vision set leadership portrays several qualities of inadequate leadership; 1) lack of clarity of the end goal causes leadership and management to head in any direction they see fit. Often times the chosen direction chosen by one leader of an organization will be contradictory to direction of other leaders causing inefficiency and internal strife in the organization. In the event leadership is turned over, the lack of clarity is magnified, as the direction is often arbitrarily changed per the whim and desires of the new leadership. This type of direction shift is prevalent in religious establishments and organizations which elect members from the constituency. Leaders are put in place without proper understanding of the direction or goals. This concoction of leaders changes direction and scope with ease and regardless of the consequences. As a result, lack of motivation of the more experienced can ensue. To further complicate management, many of these ‘disgruntled’ will choose to simply leave the organization. This effectively removes the efficient, yet critical, member and retains the sub par;
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