Effective Communication And Successful Implementation Of Change Initiatives

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Organizational change is inevitable and seemingly always on the horizon in the business world. It can directly affect organizational culture in both a positive and negative aspect. In order to combat the negative components of change that will surface, effective communication must be utilized as a part of the change strategy. Organizational change defined by Hurn (2012 cited in Bourne, 2015:p. 142) “involves changing an organization’s direction from the present position to a more desired position, in an effort to respond better to new challenges and opportunities”. Change tends to have a negative connotation but without change, an organization can become stagnant. What role does effective communication play in organizational change? How does organizational change occur? How does a leader(s) manage changing the organizational culture? This article will seek to answer these questions and convey the correlation of good communication and successful implementation of change initiatives.
Developing Effective Organizational Communication
The role of communication in organizational change is monumental. Conversely, many organizations have overlooked the inherent power that effective communication possesses. Spike and Lesser, 1995 regard communication as key to the successful implementation of change programs, because it is a tool for announcing, explaining, or preparing people for change, as well as for preparing for positive and negative effects of the impending…
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