Effective Communication As A Health Care Professional

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Communication is about more than just exchanging information. It 's about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is how you convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended (L. Robinson, J. Segal, Ph. D., & M. Smith. 2015). This paper looks at the requirements of effective communication as a health care professional and the essential concepts to have as a registered nurse. Effective communication assists with many circumstances in clinical situations. Arnold, Boggs, Barraclough, Levett-Jones and Grover have discussed that different communication styles can be used to create stronger therapeutic relationships. Ideas supporting this argument are the effects of establishing a strong client nurse relationship and understanding the bridges to help construct and build a therapeutic relationship. Effective communication benefits us to enhance our understanding of a person. Determining the appropriate communication style to be used enables us, as a health care professional to resolve differences, build respect and trust, and be key in producing environments in which problem solving, creating ideas and caring can flourish.
A therapeutic relationship is professional, interpersonal alliance in which the nurse and client join together for a defined period to achieve health-related treatment goals (Arnold and Boggs, 2011 p. 38). The authors evaluate basic communication concepts and how…
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