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INTRODUCTION At CHOMPS effective communications is the key to delivering our messaging about who we are and why our brand is far better than our competition. We value communications and open communications is one of our fundamental beliefs. CHOMPS primary reason for providing communications and media assets to our employees is for the purposes of the business, but a certain amount of personal use is also permitted. All use of our communications services is governed by the terms of this policy, and if our rules and procedures are not adhered to, then use of our assets may be removed or withdrawn and disciplinary action could be taken. Within CHOMPS, communications play a vital role in how we conduct the daily operations of our business. We understand that effective communication with people not only reflects on our employees as individuals but also on the CHOMPS brand. The value your ability to communicate with colleagues, associates, our clients and customers brings to our brand is highly regarded as one of our key strategies for business growth. Annually we invest $2.1 million dollars in information technology and communications systems which enable you to work more efficiently. It is a critical part of our business and we rely on you to use them effectively and responsibly. This policy applies to all individuals working for CHOMPS who use our facilities, to include contractors, temporary staff, and home workers. This policy refers to the utilization of telephone, email,

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