Essay on Effective Communication Case Study

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Effective Communication Case Study Analysis Communication can be defined as the act of transmitting information. Effective communication is a two way process. Information that flows back and forth between sender and receiver is considered effective (Clark 2003). For example, an organization communicates to their publics and then begins to look for feedback from their customers to ensure that everyone understands the message. Sometimes the feedback is not verbal and organizations can only measure the effectiveness by analyzing consumers' actions (Clark 2003). Some companies have a great understanding of their customers and excel with effective communication. One such company is Johnson & Johnson. The purpose of this paper is to present a…show more content…
The company started by sending out a nationwide alert to all doctors and all distributors (Bell, n.d.). The company then issued a massive recall of 31 million bottles of Tylenol (Bell, n.d.). Johnson & Johnson issued the recall even after the company found out that the products were tampered with after the bottles reached the stores (Bell, n.d.). According to Albert Tortorella, Manager of the firm that advised Johnson & Johnson, "Before 1982, nobody ever recalled anything" (Rehak, 2002). This PR tactic showed the public that the company was ethically motivated to protect the people at any cost. The decision is estimated to have cost the company over $100 Million (Rehak, 2002). However, the benefit to the company was consumer trust. Upon the return to the market, the PR department issued coupons for $2.50 to get consumers to buy the new product (Susi, 2002). They also introduced a lower pricing plan to attract buyers to their product (Susi, 2002). To inform the public about the crisis Johnson & Johnson was not alone. Local police in the Chicago are drove around through neighborhoods announcing the danger of the pain medicine and informed everyone that was present of the recall (Bell, n.d.). An objective third party kept the public informed about the crisis. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) helped Johnson & Johnson calm the public by holding several press conferences (Center and Jackson, 2003). Not to mention the news media captured every quote from
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