Effective Communication Change In Nursing

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Change is the stage where all the ward team begin to decide their uncertainty that things will be different (Cummings and McLennan 2005). This is when effective communication flow will be established with the ward team to be on board with the change especially the hierarchical stakeholders leaders or managers (Palfrey 2006). It will develop a good rapport between the change agent to managers in order to brain storm these managers to belief in embracing this challenge and chance to execute the cover for the catheter stand and short with suspensor pocket for the suprapubic catheter leg bag would benefit the patients and the team. This will allow the managers to engaged and support the junior staffs to adapt the new skill as they are seen as role models (Porter-O' Grady 2003). This transitioned of these hierarchical leader controlled structure of empowerment will require a champion who will advocate, lead and implement the change within the unit and others (Kerfoot 2006). For example, the manager will mentor and…show more content…
In this stage, the change agent will support and reinforce the ward team adaptive efforts of those affected by the change through offering training so they can accept the change and to assure that the change agent will be on hand until the change is completed (Smith et al 2005). This means regular check that the PSI are happened and the ward team are using the cover for the catheter stand to alleviate patient embarrassment they face when their urine is exposed and wearing the short suspensor pocket for the suprapubic catheter leg bag preventing from falling. To achieve this, it important to get feedback and support all the ward team so that the change will continues (Palfrey
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