Effective Communication During Medical Crisis Essay

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How to prepare for Effective Communication during Medical Crisis in a Healthcare Workplace Emergencies and disasters are traumatic in the field of health care. However, proper preparation and planning before such disaster play a significant role in ensuring smooth handling of the situation that results in less anxiety. The key to achieving such status in a medical setup is communication. Effective communication under the circumstances can define the difference between repositioning a patient at the right time and failure to have the right size of the labor force to operate normally. This paper focuses on the insights and tips on creating functioning communication plans in the health care industry during the crisis. Most modern medical centers embrace diversity. Diversification is good; however, it tends to create confusion during times of emergencies. Authorities must always ensure that the facility has staff members who can serve as interpreters for the various cultures present in the community according to Response Ready (2015). Interpreters are useful since people naturally speak in their mother tongues or first language during the crisis, even if they are well conversant with other universal languages such as English. Consequently, interpreters will ensure that a language barrier does not exist at a time when vital information needs to be passed. The interpreters will relay information to enhance effective communication, hence, lessening the stress and confusion.
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