Effective Communication, Effective, Charismatic, And Innovator Leadership Style

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2.0 Introduction
??????? According to Business Dictionary, effective communication is a two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party. Communication skill is an important thing that a leader should have. Not only communicate each other, the way to express is also important. We should learn how to communicate effectively to many people to get keynote of why we communicate.

?????? Leadership is enacted through communication. Therefore, effective communication is the key to achieving an effective, charismatic, and innovator leadership style. When employees realize CEO communication as excellent and satisfactory, they tend to rate their CEOs as charismatic leaders. CEOs must communicate to parties which takes effect in the company?s business. Many top CEOs have a great skill, such as Steve Jobs (ex CEO of Apple), Bill Gates (ex CEO of Microsoft), and Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) who have very good product presentation skill. That?s why many people believed great CEOs come from a good communication skill.

??????? 3.0 Body
??????????????????? 3.1 Settle Business Transparency
??????? One of the main factors to run business well is to settle a business transparency. From transparency, a CEO can instantiate employees to have more integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. As an example, Forbes?s article quote that Red Hat CEO?s, Jim Whitehurst is one of the
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