Essay on Effective Communication

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Running Head: Effective Communication 1
     In order to be an effective manager in the work force today, one must have a very good understanding of the various ways in which people interact and communicate with one another. It is critical that good leaders display the ability to effectively communicate with their associates and subordinates as well as train and encourage others to demonstrate those same communication skills. By doing so, they will promote both a healthy and efficient work environment that everyone will be sure to enjoy.
     The first challenge in effectively communicating with today’s workforce is diversity. The work force today is more diverse than ever and is rapidly
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People of different race
Running Head: Effective Communication 3 have lived and worked together for many years but not without a fair share of problems. The United States have long been labeled as the “Great Melting Pot”, and with good reason. American culture is by far the most diverse culture in all of the world. Not only are Americans exposed to new and different ethnics groups more often, but different ethnic groups and cultures are experiencing each other for the first time in America as well. As people become more mobile on an international level, they experience a vast array of behavior. These behaviors will even vary as one moves across the country. Take for example the difference in just the northern and southern states and their preconceived notions each holds of the other. There are people in northern states that believe people of the southern states do not wear shoes or have running water in their households. Because of this false image, they automatically assume that southern people are of a lower intellect. People of southern states tend to believe that northerners are rude and uncaring which is also a misconception. These types of preconceived notions are also present for every race and culture on the planet and they differ from culture to culture for each other. It is very difficult but even more important for
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