Effective Communication

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Effective Communication
Bryan Walker CJA/304 Version 4
May 5, 2014

There are many aspects to the communication process. It is necessary to take into consideration the definition of communication. Communication has been defined as a process involving several steps, among two or more persons, for the primary purpose of exchanging information (Wallace, 2009). Communication requires transmitting an idea, sending the idea through a medium, receiving the message, understanding the idea, and providing feedback to the message sender (Wallace, 2009). Transmitting an idea suggests the adaptation of one or several thoughts and the desire to say these ideas. Often, people may have ideas that they wish to transmit without knowing when it
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Formal channels offer many advantages that must also be considered. Formal communication satisfies that all of the organizations are on the same page. Formal communication is more clear and concise than informal communication o that there is no confusion regarding the purpose or content of the message. Formal communication also establishes a paper trail for further use at a later time. When dealing with informal channels, it must also be taken in consideration the advantages and disadvantages of its use. Informal channels are the unofficial routes of communication taken by an organization (Wallace, 2009). These are not seen on an organizational chart, and they may not be official sanctioned. Informal channels no t seen on an organizational chart, and they may not be official sanctioned. Informal channels not only serve as a conduit for gossip, but also provide a needed link within an organization (Wallace, 2009). Informal channels are used within a department in many ways. When time is a critical factor, this is an instance when informal communication is exercised. By using informal channels one can cut across lines of authority and responsibility to pass on the information quickly (Wallace, 2009). Informal channels of communication provide an alternative method of receiving information. Some scholars have suggested blending of formal and informal channels to assist in moving information

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