Effective Communication In A Relationship Analysis

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My partner was my new boyfriend. I picked him because he was available and is always talking about how I’m mysterious and never open up. So, I thought this would help us get closer and it was a perfect time. At the beginning, we agreed we were a five, and now were between a two and one. Before our relationship was based off superficialness and passionate love. As we were doing the activity, it started out with laughter and jokes. Then, it got deeper and we found out we had a lot of pain, and were in need of more than just passion. We’re so similar, it’s pretty odd. So, I would say we were getting closer and closer. Not once did I feel like me opening up was being dismissed or rejected with a “too much information”, instead it was welcomed and…show more content…
I think this would be helpful to couples who have a hard time opening up or who feel like they don’t know each other anymore. It be a nice activity to do to help revive a relationship. The best thing to do to keep intimacy in any relationship, is effective communication. I’m okay at communicating, until I’m in an argument. Which is when everything goes down the drain. I’m happy this came up because it can help me unlearn those horrible habits. I have a habit of mind reading, being super defensive at times, sometimes my intent doesn’t match my impact, and I’ll withdrawal. Overall, I think there are two techniques I need to adopt to be an effective communicator, which is fighting fair and non-defensive listener. A great example would be when my ex and I argued about his cheating and I blamed him for everything, I was very sarcastic, I was vicious, and at a point I just stop talking because I stop caring. I just fight dirty at times and can go low if I feel like I’m being attacked or I feel wrongly done. Now if I fought fair I would never be rude, do low blows, or shut him out, and I wouldn’t just blame everything on him. When he tried to tell me why he cheated, I didn’t listen. I didn’t want to listen, I just waited for my turn to attack with words. If I was a non-defensive listener, I would take in what he was saying and actively listen to him. Allowing him to tell his part and digest it before I spoke my mind. Now, I’m not like this always. I notice I do have some great communication qualities that do make me sound less horrible. I’m good at drawing out and picking up ques someone might be trying to tell me, I have always used “I” language, and I’m a great listener. Now if I could add those techniques when I argue, I would be
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