Effective Communication In Nursing Research

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Improving Patient Safety Through a Nursing Lens
The purpose of this academic paper is to explore how the concept of communication within the healthcare setting challenges nurses from ensuring patient safety. Using evidence-based literature, this paper will discuss concerns related to patient safety and communication within the nursing world, two interventions that are currently being practiced in order to address these concerns, and one other unique intervention which can adequately elucidate these concerns.
Communication & Patient Safety
A fundamental aspect within the nursing scope of practice is to profoundly maintain patient safety through the implementation of safe, ethical, and competent nursing care (Canadian Nurses Association, 2002).
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Shift report has been recognized as a period when chances for futile communication contribute to jeopardizing patient safety (Boshart, Knowlton, & Whichello, 2016). Performing patient shift report near the bedside fosters effective communication between healthcare providers and patients through a transparent and open conversation. Research shows that bedside report allows nurses’ to effectively take accountability for patient safety as it allows them to directly visualize the patients and family in order to discuss information and plan for their care (Baker, 2010). Bedside handoff gives patients the opportunity to become actively involved in the process of developing a successful care plan. Patients are provided with the chance to hear and see the group of healthcare professionals who are involved in their plan of care. Encouraging patient involvement within the plan of care allows for a decrease in ineffective communication as it allows for better compliance to treatment (Taylor & Julia,…show more content…
For instance, the aviation field actively implements the “sterile cockpit” as part of its standard routine of attaining client safety. The Federal Aviation Administration officially implemented the “sterile cockpit” amongst all aviation organizations, in order to decrease the rising incidence of plane crashes occurring as a result of disruptions (Hohenhaus & Powell, 2008, p. 109). Through the implementation of the sterile cockpit, aviation pilots are able to maintain adequate concentration without unnecessary distractions, as the airplanes fly 10 000 feet above the ground (Hohenhaus & Powell, 2008, p. 109). Similarly, the nursing profession can also implement the sterile cockpit during the process of shift report, where persistent disruptions are at a rise and alter the chances for effective communication. If all healthcare units had an area specific to patient reporting, the chances for ensuring patient safety could drastically increase. Moreover, team members can take additional measures in reducing disruptions by responding to paging systems, patient and family concerns, and call bells as healthcare providers engage in patient reporting with members of the interprofessional
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