Effective Communication In Nursing School

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D-The patient was placed on HOLD and this writer cleared the HOLD. This writer addressed with the patient about her recent AWOL, referring to yesterday. According to the patient, she missed her medcab and did not have any other form of transportation. The patient was in tears as she also reported that she used crack cocaine (smoking) from 8/1/2016-08/4/2016. When asked as to how much she used, she says, " I spent $300 worth......I was doing so good, so good. I didn't want to use. It's too much." This writer asked the patient to what happen recently because during the last individual counseling session, the patient was clean from illicit drugs for a week and 3 days. According to the patient, her son had turned against and lied to her sister…show more content…
Jen reported that she cannot talk to this writer, only the patient, which this writer handed the patient the phone and then eventually placed the call on the speaker to listen to the communication. According to the Jen, she was baffled as to why the patient has not heard anything from Mercy House because a bed should have been available as the patient has done her assessment. Jen provided the patient, which this writer documented, the number to Mercy House and also Center Church as the last resort for the availability of beds. Mercy House does not open until 8:30am and Center Church does not open until 1pm. If there's no bed available as the patient is in desperate need, Jen recommends the patient to call again for assistance with YWCA-availability on beds which is done directly through 211 (unable to provide the direct contact info. to…show more content…
Most of the dilemma with the patient is getting through to her via phone as the patient tends to have several numbers and the uncertainty whether or not her phone is in fact working. The patient appears to be emotional and having a hard time dealing with her stress factors in her life. She made a suicidal comment, but recanted as she expressed that she is frustrated and has no plans to harms to herself. Patient was able to maintain eye contact and engaged this writer as this writer tried to help the
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