Effective Communication Is Enhanced By Good Communication Skills

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Communication involves the exchange of ideas and thoughts between two or more people with the aim of conveying information. Effective communication is enhanced by good communication skills. Good communication skills are important in all walks of life because it enables people to interact and convey information in an effective manner. For example, a doctor requires good communication skills in order to get the needed information from a patient. Failure to portray good communication skills by the doctor means that the patient will not be in a position to provide the required information to the doctor. This means that competence in any place of work requires being augmented with good communication skills in order to achieve the best results…show more content…
My good speaking skills enable me to convey my ideas in clear and brief manner. One way through which my speaking skills enhance my communication is my pleasant tone to my voice. The pleasant tone of my voice makes the people whom I am speaking to be more attentive and interested in communicating. In addition, the tone of my voice enables the person I am communicating with to be more attentive and as a result capturing all the important ideas. Moreover, when I am communicating with a person I try to think before I speak so as to avoid conveying ideas which are not important to the person. This enables me to choose words selectively while speaking so as to avoid hurting the person I am speaking to. Another important of thinking before I speak is that I am able to remember additional points that might be useful to the person I am speaking to. Moreover, when speaking I ensure that the person whom I am talking to has enough time of answering the questions I present to him and enough time to present his ideas. When he is talking I listen to him keenly and I empathize with him where possible so as make him feel to be part of the discussion (Wigert et al 2013).
My good speaking skills as strength have assisted me in many ways when speaking to different people. For example last year I displayed this strength when I was explaining to my teacher the reason why I submitted by assignment late. When I
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