Essay on Effective Communication

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Barriers to Effective Communication
Even though an individual’s backgrounds and beliefs can affect the process of communication, one must utilize the different processes and components to achieve effective communication. Because barriers block the listening process causing misunderstanding that may block the flow of information between individuals. Therefore, this misunderstanding may blur the lines of communication utilized within the criminal justice system.
The basic concept of communication is interaction between two or more people that results in the passing of information. However, for this process to happen effectively one must understand the different methods and standards required to achieve the process because without this
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The officials involved in the Omaha chase had to be able to transmit the information using the radio about the dangers that they faced to protect the others assisting (Dorland, 2012).
Understanding, Receiving, Feedback, and Retransmitting Although, the dispatcher received the information he or she would need to understand the fullness of the situation by giving feedback. This feedback allows the sender transmit further information so that those on the other end of the radio will receive and understand what is transpiring at the officials location (Dorland, 2012). In a way these five steps became known as the basis of communication. Because the information goes through a process that requires the information to transmit through a route that allows both the sender and the receiver to process information until they decode the entire conversation. However, no matter how well a communication process works the people involved will always have barriers that can block the communication process. Because each person has his or her own backgrounds and beliefs that will cause barriers to be overcome (Wallace & Roberson, 2009).
Communication Barriers Even with the best communication process, the initial receiver’s confusion of the information received may come from the distractions around them. Therefore, one must understand what causes these barriers and come up with a solution because
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