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If you or a loved one has ever experienced an affliction that involves a hospital stay, you know that the hospital setting can be a very frightening experience. When a hospitalization is involved, it is not uncommon to feel as though you have lost all control. It is a setting where people feel helpless and immobile, while having no idea what is in store for their near future. Many patients, especially elderly people, upon admission to a hospital, will experience disorientation in their new environment and may become uncooperative (Grace.) This is when effective communication is needed the most. During the summer months, I spend forty hours a week working at the Faxton-St. Lukes Health center. I am a care attendant in the…show more content…
High quality communication depends on skill behaviors and knowledge of the task at hand. Many hospital workers do not exert the proper vitality that is needed to be a successful communicator. Most take advantage of the naïve and vulnerable patients and think they can get away with putting less effort into an interaction. What we DO depends on what we KNOW. Arguably the most critical component to high quality communication is attitude. Starting with affect I can make reference to how my attitude can impact my communication in the hospital. This is the stage in which an individual recognizes the significance or value of the communication opportunity that is being presented. Being a Care Attendant, the first thing a patient notices is your attitude. In most scenarios, the patient is not going to have a blissful attitude. That makes it even more important for me to walk into that room with a positive outlook on the situation. Many patients will even act hostile or unkind towards me as I greet them. I need to check my ego at the door and maintain an affirmative approach to the task at hand. It is sometimes difficult to not let emotions interfere with this initial process. If I were to act uncaring and mean towards the patient as I first greeted them, that would send a negative message and I would be representing everyone in the surgery unit in a negative manner. However, if we as communicators can consciously

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