Effective Communication Skills in Early Childhood Educators

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The most essential skill for early childhood educators is effective communication. Communication skills can be both non-verbal and verbal. At birth non-verbally communication occurs and as verbal communication skills are acquired oral comprehension is possible. Parent to child communication occurs throughout life, but the importance of parent child communication in early childhood is the most profound. Effective communications in early childhood educators are identified by communication between student to teacher and teacher to parent. Without effective communication skills it would be difficult to pass on knowledge and or skills. How effect communication skills are can be tested both internally and externally. The earliest form…show more content…
Using dialogue over monologue and listening to students’ opinions also helps in retaining interest (McCombs, 2003, p. 94), as the student is less likely to fall asleep if engaged in conversation. A history portfolio of student’s enables teachers to ‘know’ their student as a ‘whole’ as communication is built on mutual trust. It enables teacher to understand social complexities of her class, what knowledge they bring to the class as students do not only learn at school but also with outside interactions (Moll & Greenberg, 1990 as cited by Moll et al., 1992). This in turn enables teacher to parent communication to be effective as the interaction between teacher and parent is as equally important as that of teacher to student. It enables teachers to better understand their students (Moll, et al., 1992). Communication between teacher and parents can happen through out the year. At the start of each term, written communication of learning objectives for the term are given out by the teacher. These set out areas to be covered and targets expected to be met in line with the curriculum (ACARA, 2011). Communication can be both ways teacher to parent or parent to teacher. School formal assessment is conducted at mid-year and yearly. Reports are produced and sent to students parent or carer for evaluation as to progress of child. Parents are encouraged to attend parent/teacher interviews to discuss students’ progress and to
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