Effective Communication Style Analysis

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Communication is one of the main things humans do in their day to day activities. Scholars define communication as an act of exchanging information between one another and understanding the meaning of it (Semenescu, 2016). The four mains types of communication are written, verbal, non-verbal and visual. Humans communicate to establish relationship, build foundation for planning, socializing in general and motivating each other. Communication can vary in different settings. For example in personal context, communication style used is more relaxed, which means that informal language is used. However, in a professional context, communication style used in more focused on workplace. Therefore, the language used is more formal so as to show respect…show more content…
Firstly, an individual should have a positive attitude about communication through understanding that others see things differently. In this case, one should have the ability to predict the feeling and attitude of the receiver. The person sending the message should be very clear in his mind about what he wants to say. He should know the aims of his message and, therefore, his thoughts should be arranged in a proper order that will not confuse the receiver. In addition to that, the speaker should make it easy for the listener through taking everything into consideration. One good example is language, the senders can understand the words that he/she is using to send the message but to the other end, they are combined with different perceptions. People around the globe speak different languages, although some speak same but the meaning and the use of the words can be different from yours. Furthermore, to overcome barriers to communication, listeners should give feedback because it is the mirror of communication. Therefore, this means that without feedback, communication is no-way. However, that feedback should be helpful rather than hurtful. Both ends should see feedback as a problem in perception rather than a problem of discovering
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