Effective Communication: The Foundation of Any Successful Relationship

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Without communication based in respect, understanding, and love, relationships often disintegrate. Ober (18) described how there are four Cs and and A concepts that are associated with successful marriage, which include commitment, communication, compassion, connection, and acceptance. In order to improve relationships and prevent conflict or eventual partnership dissolution, individuals involved can seek out help and guidance to develop more effective communication and listening skills. The following discusses research that has explored the important role that communication plays in the maintenance, health, and well-being of relationships. Evidence is provided that supports the idea that effective communication is the most important component to a successful relationship. Communication breakdown in relationships is often a motivating factor for couples to seek therapy, thereby indicating how critical communication is to a well-functioning relationship. Ineffective, negative communication patterns have been shown as a significant predictor of divorce in marital relationships (Markman et al. 289). In order for strategies for couples' therapy to be effective, it is important that therapists and individuals seeking therapy understand the nature of the problems underlying the conflict in the relationship (Boisvert et al. 362). The most common problems motivating couples to seek therapy were explored…
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