Effective Communication Using The Sbar Model

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Effective Communication using the SBAR model
Alisha Smith
Spoon River College
215 Issues in Nursing

Effective Communication using the SBAR model
Excellent patient care begins with effective communication between healthcare professionals and “The Joint Commission (2006) found 65% of sentinel events were the result of communication problems” (Cornell et. al, 2014, p.334). Currently, with the computer system at my nursing home, it is hard to get a complete and precise interpretation of the patient. We clock in ten minutes before the prior shift ends. This is not enough time to prepare for report. Nurses at my facility work long twelve hour shifts. With long shifts like this, it is easy to forget important information if not written
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Anything that improves communication must also improve patient safety. The current practice of shift change reporting requires some modification in my nursing facility.
A standardized communication tool could improve the quality of communication between healthcare professionals. There is a tool developed to improve shift reporting as well as interdisciplinary rounding. As stated previously, this is called the Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation, or SBAR for short. “The aim of introducing the SBAR model was to increase focus on patient safety when communicating information, while also saving time by enhancing the structure of the information” (Blom et. al, 2015, p.2). The SBAR can be quick and thorough, providing necessary information in a shorter amount of time. When a nurse is informed properly of all important information they can care for their patient better and safely. In a study, “On a medical-surgical unit, observations were conducted before and after implementation. Both processes were significantly shorter and more consistent. SBAR enabled more focused and efficient communication” (Cornell et. al, 2014, p.334).
There are many key team members in my current nursing facility. The first being the nurse. The nurse gives most of the bedside care. Nurses work
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