Effective Communication With A Social Worker

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During this course I have learn that one of the crucial components of the social work field is the ability to have effective communication skill. I understand that as a Social Worker we are constantly communicate with clients to gain information, convey critical information and make important decisions. Without effective communication skills, social workers may not be able to obtain or convey that information, thereby causing detrimental effects to clients. Effective communication skill also applies to the relationship you have with your agency supervisor. Effective communication with your supervisor is a key element of your eventual success in the workplace and also with the clients that the agency works with. Understanding this crucial component relationship to the social work field made me want to work on improving and building this skill during my volunteer experience. Prior to starting my volunteer experience I meet with my supervisor to establish my assignments and goals for my field experience. Furthermore after the meeting I personally assigned myself a conduct for the environment I would be in. We came to the conclusion that my assignment would be to provide both social and emotional support to students in both a small and individual setting. In addition, I would also be participating and engaging with parents during the school monthly parent workshop. The goals I have set for myself was to be able to be able to identify myself as a professional social worker
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