Effective Communication With An Organization Essay

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In an organisation, employees are considered as one of the core resources. Employees play an important role in the progress of an organisation (Bainbridge, 1996).. In the past years, researchers came up with theories of how to best manage work and employees, but less emphasized on the knowledge that the employees possessed and the value of their opinions.
Recently, organisations have come up with the concept of 'Participatory process ', the philosophy of involving employees in corporate decision making (Bainbridge, 1996). This is where managers work closely with the employees by creating a sense of ownership for the organisation in employees by taking their input into the decision making process. Such processes allow the managers to keep the employees informed about organisational/departmental goals, how the managers tend to achieve them and ideas from the employees are welcomed to achieve the goals quick (Stohl & Cheney, 1996). This gives rise to a feeling of responsible team member to the employees rather than the feeling of just 'taking orders '.
Effective communication with the employees is one of the best benefits reaped by such participatory processes. It is regarded as one of the prerequisites to achieve organisational aims and goals. It is noted that productivity of an organisation is increased by effective communication as it helps the employees to understand their jobs well and gets them emotionally involved in their work.
However, this essay will…
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