Effective Communication With Patients And Patients

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Effective communication with patients is essential to nursing. Failure to communicate well with a patient not only effects the nurse-patient relationship but also can interfere with patient outcomes (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Orlando believed that communication was essential to interactions in the patient-nurse relationship in order to understand their needs and provide effective care (Parker & Smith, 2010). Orlando’s theory was based on the fact that patients do not clearly present the nature of their distress (Schmieding, 1984). In order to determine the patient’s needs Orlando’s theory supports an interactive nurse-patient relationship that is individualized to the patient (Parker & Smith, 2010). Orlando was the first nursing…show more content…
During her time at Yale University, Orlando also became a research associate and principal project investigator of the National Institute of Mental Health (Parker & Smith, 2010). Her first study “Integration of Mental Health Concepts in a Basic Curriculum” was the nursing model used as the foundation for the curriculum of mental health and psychiatric nursing in Yale University (Current Nursing, 2013). Her first book The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship: Function, Process and Principles (1961) was based on this research (Parker & Smith, 2010). Orlando also served as a clinical nurse consultant at McClean Hospital, Massachusetts (Current Nursing, 2013). In this role she studied nurses interactions with patients and coworkers and how these interactions affected nursing practice (Parker & Smith, 2010). McClean Hospital, based on these studies and her nursing model, developed and initiated a nursing education and training program (Parker & Smith, 2010). Her second book The Discipline and Teaching of Nursing Process (1972) was based on her evaluation of this program (Current Nursing, 2013). Orlando’s Nursing Process Discipline theory was created from her studies and observations between a nurse and a patient (Parker & Smith, 2010). The theory ultimately looks at the purpose and function of nursing. The theory is established based on
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