Effective Communication Within The Workplace

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To really address this question to its fullest extent we must first ask ourselves what is the definition of a manger. A manger is an individual who runs or leads a team of people and delegates task’s to them. To be a good manger you must poses qualities such as fantastic planning skills, great organisational amongst a number of other things. In addition to this. We must also look at what organisational communication; it is the communication that happens within the organisational, whether it is face to face communication or video conferences communication.
It is important to note that if organisations do not communicate the right information, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time, this could create problems and have an impact on the level of effectiveness and efficiency. In essence, there is therefore a need for effective communication within the workplace.
If there is poor communication within the workplace a number of problems can arise, for instance the employees in the organisation do not know what is important and what is not important, this means that the communications strategy is unclear and only the mangers and line mangers will know priorities Another thing that can occur if there is bad communication is employees do not know what to do and when it is meant to be done. This can cause a huge amount of chaos and disarray especially in a fast – paced moving business like stock broker companies or direct marketing companies.
One of the main ways
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