Effective Communication and Employee Morale: Transact Insurance Case Study

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Effective Communication and Employee Morale: TransAct Insurance Case Study Communication is a vital component to every organization ranging from small town business all the way to high echelon divisions within the Military. If not properly executed during planning, implementation, or after action reviews, poor results and employee disconnect from task and purpose are sure to follow. Perhaps what’s even worse, employee morale and confidence in management will decrease resulting in degraded levels of trust. In looking at the TransAct Insurance case, multiple problems were ongoing resulting in a lack of competitiveness and customer service. Due to this, senior leadership was replaced and given the task to improve upon barriers existing in…show more content…
Breaking Down Feedback Nelson and Campbell illustrate communication in four basic elements: the communicator, the receiver, perceptual screens, and the message. In the illustration below (Figure 1), the communicator is the person originating the message whereas the receiver is the person receiving the message.Perceptual screens are the windows through which we interact with people in the world. The communicator 's and the receiver 's perceptual screens influence the quality, accuracy, and clarity of the message. Figure 1. Investing in Employees: Feedback and Recognition Radhaswamystates that perception is reality and people’s perceptions are highly influenced by the way one puts forward oneself in terms of expression and articulation. Furthermore, people who perceive that they are cared about and believe leadership has their best interest in mind often are more productive and happier workers. Communication and Financial Performance Effective communication can help your company get to the next level and navigate through financial and economic challenges. A study was done by Wyatt which is displayed in figure #2. The chart illustrates that an initial investment of $100 in 2004 tracked over a five year period in companies with three different degrees of communication, would vary in

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