Effective Communication in Healthcare

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It is clear that effective communication is vital in the provision of safe and effective nursing care. A long history of miscommunication-related medical errors has spurred research aimed toward improving communication and lessening consequent error. Research has identified various forms of communication structure acronyms that when used correctly, allows for a more organized and precise shift report. These acronyms include SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation, and SHARE (Standardize, Hardwire, Allow opportunities to ask questions, Reinforce, and Educate). In addition, studies have identified a more effective shift report location that enhances nurse-to-nurse as well as nurse-to-patient communication. Bedside reporting was explored and determined to be a very effective form of nursing report that increases overall patient safety and satisfaction. Communication improvement is a continuous focus within the healthcare arena and is vital in the provision of safe patient care.
A nursing student from West Virginia Wesleyan College had the opportunity to work alongside a resource pool nurse during her leadership clinical experience. She was able to function on several floors at Ruby Memorial including oncology, orthopedics, trauma, medical surgical, mental health and others. This diversity…
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