Effective Communication in Primary Schools

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Concept Paper
Strategic Model for Effective Communication in Primary Schools
With Focus on the merger between Erdiston & Carrington Schools

Colleen J. Inniss-Gittens
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill PSYC 2016: Communication Psychology


It is critical to consider the efficiency of design, layout and staffing as it relates to successful communication in schools from a psychological perspective. If the design or layout of the building is not conducive to learning, then the objective of having the school would not have been met. Similarly, if the staff is not trained in the effective use of communication, especially nonverbal communication, then the purpose for which
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Such consideration should also be given to playgrounds, libraries, lunchrooms, etc. When designing the room, the question “what do we want to achieve here” should be asked and, based on the answer, a determination should be made as to the type of space it should be.

The colour of the classroom is also important since the environment influences nonverbal communication and colors in the background are thought to influence moods and behaviors. For example, the soft color of green is often painted onto library walls, providing a quiet, restful atmosphere. (Low, S.M., Lawrence-Zúñiga, D. (2003). Similarly, the classrooms should be painted in various age-appropriate colours, to excite and stimulate learning at infant level and a more calming contrast at junior level to promote clear thinking. Lighting is also important, not only to increase visibility but also to influence moods. A poorly lit room, for example, might lend to laziness or distraction.

Most, if not all public schools in Barbados, use the Traditional Classroom Setting where all the students sit facing forward, in columns across the width of the class. However, this setting is not the most effective for learning, as a large number of students are not in the visual range of the teacher. Instead, the horseshoe arrangement shown below in Diagram 1 is more suitable for teacher-student and student-student
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