Effective Communication in Relationships Essay

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The world is full of psychos and you might be with one right now. That's a situation more people encounter. There are many factors in a healthy relationship. Being with someone can be a wonderful experience, but it can change into something worse. A friend I talked to said "me and my boyfriend talk a lot and tell each other how we feel." That's one way couples can avoid getting into arguments rather than screaming at each other. To make a relationship last there must be a foundation, and that foundation is a good friendship. Couples also need to be honest, which can give couples a bond and develops trust. The elements of a healthy relationship are: being able to communicate, being honest with each other and having a good …show more content…
No one wants to get into a relationship where they abuse each other physically and mentally.

Relationships start off good in the beginning because each partner is learning about each other. Later on in the relationship they might discover that their partner is different from when they first met. People forget that friendship structures a good relationship, and can't last if there is nothing to base it on. A friend of mine said, "When couples get into fights they either break up or stay together. If there is a strong friendship then it's worth it to work through the hard times and other problems." Divakaruni says in "The Bats" ""Its from him," she said in answer to the question in our eyes. "He wants us to come back. He promises it wont happen again." illustrates even though her parents are fighting their strong friendship keeps them together. From my own experience long lasting relationships come from people that were close friends that have similar personalities. The couples that break up most are couples that didn't take the time to form a good friendship and see if they really like each other. According to L.L. Bumpass in "Role of cohabitation in declining rates of marriage," it proves that 40% of couples that lived together before marriage break up. This shows that couples need to see if they are compatible first before they take their friendship to the next step.

An effective way for each partner express how they really feel is to
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