Effective Communication in the Workplace Essay

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Communication Barriers in the Workplace
Communication barriers in the workplace can have a serious effect on the functioning and of an organization. In the following article we shall understand what some of these communication barriers are and how to overcome them.

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With globalization, there is bound to be cultural diversity in the workplace, and while we know the intercultural communication, it could also lead to communication barriers. Several factors such as religion, body language, personal space, status and hierarchy, gender roles and personal appearance are influenced by the culture that one belongs to and this could lead to miscommunication at many fronts.

Overcoming communication barriers in the workplace is not possible if one does not know what is causing them. To avoid further problems of miscommunication, one should understand the importance of communication in the workplace and strive to achieve it. Only then can one hope to eradicate the problems in the workplace and achieve a healthy and successful working environment.

By Rujuta Borkar
Published: 10/5/2010
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