Effective Communication of Pepsi Co

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Effective Communication Strategies of Pepsi Cola

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Executive Summery 3 Introduction 4 History 5 Effective Marketing and communication strategies of Pepsi 6 Media Commercials 6 Advantage of media commercials 6 Disadvantages of media commercials 7 Sponsorships 7 Advantages of Sponsorships 8 Disadvantages of Sponsorships 8 How to enhance the effectiveness of Sponsorship 8 Community Activities 8 Advantages of Community activities 9 Disadvantages of community activities 9 How to enhance the effectiveness of CSR projects 9 Product Diversification 10 Advantages of Product diversification 10 Disadvantages of product diversification 10 How to enhance the effectiveness of Product
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There he sold a unique blend of aerated water which he called Brads Drink. All of the customers liked the taste of this refreshing drink made out of cola nuts and vanilla. Because of this new invention Caleb’s pharmacy became a famous gathering point in the city. After few years he renamed this creation as Pepsi Cola. The demand for Pepsi cola was increased day by day so he was convinced to form a company to sell Pepsi cola nationwide through soda fountains. In 1903 he acquired the patent for his product and started bottle and sell it all around the country. The sales figures ware outstanding, profits were sky rocketed. Bradham sold 7,968 gallons of syrup in 1903. In 1905 he awarded two franchises to bottle the product. Later in 1906 the number of franchises increased to fifteen and there were 25 franchises by the end of 1910. Pepsi Cola Company managed to sell 100,000 gallons on syrup in 1910.
Marketing was a key concern f the company right from the beginning of the Pepsi era. At the beginning there were post cards and collectibles with Pepsi cola brand name. They were the main advertising methods Caleb used in the early years. Later the advertising campaigns became more enthusiastic and effective. There transportation methods improved from Horse carts to motor vehicles with Pepsi logo. The company advertised the product through
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